Design DIY: Color Pop Cord Lamp


We are total suckers for incorporating clear materials into interior design right now, especially when the entire project costs around $30 (seriously!). Big thanks to Vintage Revivals for letting us share their project


Large vase (thrift stores usually sell them for under $5) 

Bottle Lamp Kit

Lamp shade

Harp base (optional)


Paint for your cord (spray paint will NOT adhere to rubber) 

Drill and drill bit (Hitachi 1/2-in Metal Twist Drill Bit was used here) 

Step One

Paint your cord a fabulous color and hang it somewhere to dry. Remember – spray paint won’t work on your cord. 

Step Two 

Drill two holes in your vase, one at the bottom for the socket and another on the side for your cord to come out. (If you haven’t drilled through glass before, here’s a great tutorial.)

Step Three

To assemble, take the small threaded pipe from the Bottle Lamp Kit and put the large washer on one end and the small nut behind it. Feed it into the hole you drilled at the bottom of the vase.

Step Four

Disassemble the socket – you will have three pieces. Depending on your type of lampshade, attach a harp base if needed. Then screw the bottom of your socket onto the threaded pipe sticking out of the case. 

Step Five

Feed your cord through the second drilled hole and up through the threaded pipe. Then wire the socket according to package instructions. Be carefully not to scratch the paint!


For more pictures and tips, check out the original post on Vintage Revivals

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