Top 10 Favorite Ideas at the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase


Painted Floors, Catherine Kwong Design

The floors in the grand living room, inspired by Cy Twombly paintings, are undoubtedly the focal point of this Catherine Kwong-designed space that channels the lifestyle (and love story) of Mick and Bianca Jagger. Stancil Studios created these sweeping brushstrokes that exude glamour and juxtapose the classic Edwardian architecture.


Healing Wall, Siol Studios

Kevin Hackett and Jessica Weigley of Siol Studios created a modern bathroom complete with what they call a “healing wall.” Thriving lavender, mint and geraniums grow in the live installation and can be plucked and used straightaway for a soak in the clean-lined bathtub.


Expanding Drawers, Antonio Martins Interior Design

The Atelier, designed by Antonio Martins and replete with vintage wood planters and tool-related artwork from antique encyclopedias, was created for a man who loves restoring treasured objects. The bright red expanding drawers contribute to the functionality of this space that seamlessly combines old and new pieces.


Neon Teepees, Martha Angus, Inc.

Take a step inside the “Danger Zone” to experience the playful family room designed by Martha Angus and Eche Martinez. A fireplace full of faux dynamite and traffic-cone-orange teepees made from Sandra Jordan Prima Alpaca fabric make beanbags look like a thing of the past.


Map Ceiling, Applegate Tran Interiors

The bedroom of a rebellious teenage girl, designed by Applegate Tran Interiors, is filled with everything from a mirror coated in dripping paint to an oversized geometric headboard. We couldn’t keep our eyes off of the ceiling, which is covered in a resin map of London in shades of black and grey.


Statement Lighting, Kelly Hohla, Jeffers Design Group

This space, called the “Maker’s Mark Retreat,” focuses on intricate details like its hair-on-hide accent wall by Kyle Bunting. Our favorite elements in this room designed by Kelly Hohla are the massive light fixture and bronze wall sconce that sheds light on this rich environment.


Patterned Wall and Pillows, Kriste Michelini Interiors

Tight, angular spaces are often difficult to decorate, but Kriste Michelini used a plethora of patterns to keep this cubby-like “Writer’s Retreat” looking fresh. We especially love the Brit Pop wallpaper by Elitis that completes this collection of prints.


Freeform Mural, Willem Racké Studio and Emilie Munroe

Mirror cutouts and turquoise circles make this soaking bathroom appear to have bubbles rising from the ground. The white sink and tub pop against vibrant colors in this space created by Willem Racké Studio and Emilie Munroe.


Pleated Walls, Kelley Flynn Interior Design

To add dimension to the wall treatment in the teeny “Water Closet — A Princely Seat,” Kelley Flynn manipulated black and white fabric into folds for visual appeal. The result makes this small space one of the most charming areas on the uppermost floor.


Monterey Pines, Leverone Design, Inc.

These 60-year-old Monterey pine trees add an element of nature to this salon, which is filled with traditional molding and a bevy of mirrors. Matthew Leverone designed this space—one of the first rooms a guest encounters when entering the Pacific Heights home.


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