Design DIY: Cheery Coaster Set


We love how Bri created such lovely printable templates for us to use in this super-cheery DIY. Big thanks to Design Love Fest for letting us share the project! 


Four cork coasters, World Market has a great set.  


Matte finish mod podge

Felt sheets

Matte photo paper


Foam brush


Step One:

Print our the downloaded designs from Design Love Fest, here and here. Cut out the circles. 

Step Two:

Using your foam brush, paint a generous amount of mod podge onto the coaster and firmly press the downloaded design on top. Make sure to flatten with your fingers to get rid of bubbles, and run your finger around the sides to remove excess glue. While they dry, play coasters under a heavy book to keep it from bubbling. 

Step Three:

After it’s dry, paint a second coat of mod podge over the printed design (don’t worry, it’ll dry clear!). Repeat 1-2 more times to seal and protect from liquid. 

Step Four:

Using the coaster as a template, cut four circles of felt. When the coasters are completely dry, glue felt to the bottom of the coasters with tacky glue. Cheers! 


Check out the original post on Design Love Fest for more tips and great drink recipes too! 

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