Amp up the Glam with These Stage Lights


These scene-stealing fixtures will up the glam quotient in any home.

Far left: Los Angeles artists set 116 glass panes into a brass sphere to create the mod moonscape of Downtown’s Luna Globe chandelier; $5,680.

Left: Designer Paul Ferrante created the Carlyle, available at San Francisco’s Hewn, in the style of a pair of vintage sconces found in his Melrose Place antique shop; price upon request.

Middle: A minuscule seed pod inspired the bronze-and-gold-leaf Acacia pendant by LA’s Fuse Lighting, available at SF’s Sloan Miyasoto; $2,120.

Right: Discs of handblown glass accent the cursive brass silhouette of the Audry chandelier from Moura Starr, available at its West Hollywood showroom; $11,760.

Far Right: Slight variations reveal the artistry behind each hand-blown Spun Thread pendant by John Pomp Studios, available at SF’s De Sousa Hughes; price upon request.

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