Personalize Your Kitchen With Zephyr’s Hot Hoods


At Zephyr, we’re driven by the idea that everything in the home is an opportunity for personal expression. That’s why we don’t see kitchen hoods the way most people do. We have elevated the hood to its rightful place: no longer an afterthought, the hood stands above all, distinctive in its performance as it is in its beauty.

We have partnered with some of the world’s best designers such as Robert Brunner, whose passion for geometry and the interaction between a product and its owner led to the design of the Arc Collection. Berkeley’s Fu-Tung Cheng, the kitchen and bath design guru, has inspired millions with his books and use of natural materials to create timeless design.

Arc Collection

Minimalism is more than a box. It’s elemental. And it doesn’t have to be all right angles. That’s the inspiration behind the Arc Collection: simple geometry organized in exciting new ways. Designer Robert Brunner’s passion for fusing lifestyle with innovation is evident in his work as designer of the Nook by Barnes and Noble, the Beats headset in collaboration with Dr. Dre – and now, as the designer behind the Arc Collection.

Horizon (see above): A dramatic low-profile hood just inches from the kitchen wall sweeps upward in a thirty-degree lift. The Horizon is available in striking red, black or white glass on stainless steel. The glass surface may be etched in one of our patterns – a leaf motif on white glass or links on black glass. The removable front panel doubles as easy blower access for cleaning or service with no heavy lifting. A duo of halogens completes the picture.

Cheng Collection

True beauty lies in the balance of art and function, simplicity and elegance, shape and texture. These beliefs are at the heart of our Cheng Design by Zephyr line – a series of bold, unique and inspired hoods that we hope will inspire you to live more fully every day.

Designer Fu-Tung Cheng has forged a dynamic artistic career utilizing innovative and alluring materials to produce timeless designs; his innate ability to balance luxury and conscience informs each endeavor he pursues. An innovator in the use of concrete in architecture and industrial design, Cheng has pushed new boundaries with the development of his proprietary Geocrete.

Okeanito: The perfect marriage of vision, whimsy and discipline, the Okeanito never goes unnoticed. The graceful, sweeping hood balances softness and fluidity with cool linear elements to create a timeless design. Perforated side panels allow the Okeanito to radiate gentle ambient light, infusing its surroundings with a sense of grace and calm.

Trapeze: The light and airy Trapeze is a streamlined reprieve from its bulky, conventional counterparts. Using a delicate suspension structure, the Trapeze seems to float in mid-air. With directional halogen lighting and a graceful, slow-curve canopy, the Trapeze is more than a focal point-it’s a statement.

Next Generation Europa with DCBL Suppression System Technology

Our recent launch of the new DCBL Suppression System™ technology reaffirms our commitment to bringing groundbreaking technology and innovation to the kitchen ventilation industry. With 77% less noise, 77% more energy efficiency and 30% more power, our Next Generation Europa Collection delivers a range hood experience with built-in peace of mind.

Verona: The Verona wall features a combination of sophisticated style, LED lighting, energy efficient technology and powerful performance. Verona is topped with a straight glass canopy that also acts as an ambiance setting LED light display. The homeowner can select the Cloud Blue, Deep Blue and Amber color settings to best match the kitchen’s décor; or a demo mode is offered that shows all three in 10 second intervals. With a cool stainless steel frame, the lighting adds warmth and a subtle design element to Verona’s modern aesthetic.

Modena: Modena island’s low profile stainless steel and airy glass canopy resemble a floating island over your cooktop or range. A perfect blend of architecture and performance, Modena island is sure add the muscle your kitchen requires without the cluttered sight lines typical with bulkier range hood models. Equipped with DCBL Suppression technology, Modena island performs whisper-quiet air removal while flaunting its technologically advanced Bloom HD LED light bulbs and electronic LCD controls sitting subtly on its one-inch canopy.

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