Celebrate Craft + Design with Fifth Floor Gallery in L.A.’s Chinatown


The Los Angeles Design Festival will culminate in a lantern-studded night of activities centered in Chinatown, L.A.’s artistic and cultural hub. This is the third annual year that LADF and the Chung King Road galleries present Chinatown Design Night, an evening when shops and galleries will be open later than usual to showcase exhibitions, design products, and—yes—even some puppet theatre. 

California Home + Design is thrilled to be co-hosting a closing night party for Craft + Design at the wonderful Fifth Floor Gallery, a hybrid of contemporary art and design exhibits that range from paintings and mixed media to handcrafted furniture and accessories. Craft + Design is a special exhibit for the Furniture Design Symposium that focuses on uniquely handmade furniture by artists like Marcus Papay, Brian Boggs, and Greg Laird who seek to explore issues on sustainability, serial production, and innovation through their unique designs.

Owner Robert Apodaca curated this gallery to explore the relationship between the artistic tenets of spatial design and touches on current social, political, and environmental issues that L.A. designers play with in their many creative forms.

Curious to know what else is going down in Chinatown? Unearth the secrets behind a mobile movie production start-up, explore the male physique through photography, and hear the story of an abstract assemblage artist.

Los Angeles Design Festival runs through June 30. CH+D closing party at Fifth Floor Gallery, 502 Chung King Court, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Full evening event schedule here.

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