6 Tips for Landscaping Your California Garden


So you’ve been dreaming about that to-die-for garden landscape ever since you started watching old English royalty series. Those sceneries aren’t just for romantic TV shows or movies; you could also have those in your very own yard. Here are some tips on getting that green thumb started:

Find the perfect plant. Probably the most important to consider is your plant species. For modern landscaping, you might want to consider mixing tropical plants with some native plants. It works best if they complement and maintain the clean-cut exterior of your modern home. If you want some privacy in your yard, try planting some fast-growing trees or shrubs such as the American Holly, Thuja Green Giant, Forstyhia or tri-color willow. These are fast-growing California natives that require less water and maintenance as compared to non-natives.

Choose lighting that flatters. Lights can be crucial in gardening since they can seem to extend your space. This is perfect for accentuating certain areas you would want people to readily see. Ultimately, yellow lighting gives a romantic glow to any garden. Consider your plants and furniture when planning your lighting system in order to ensure that colors won’t clash or space won’t be compromised.

Opt for furniture that complements. Furniture can complement your garden in wondrous ways. Usually, they set the mood or the tone of what you’re trying to accomplish with your garden look. For example, if you want to create a camping atmosphere you can gather some wood for the bonfire centerpiece and add logs for seating. Or, say you want to create a beach feel, so you add umbrellas and some beach chairs. Make sure these furniture items are also tough enough for the changing weather. Don’t sacrifice quality!

Karl Wycoff, Flickr

Pick the right path(way). Pathways can direct the flow of your garden. Either they will lead you towards a greener pasture or a horrific jungle. Make sure they are also spacious enough for actual walking. After all, it’s what you’ll be walking on to admire your picturesque garden.

Select your water feature theme.  From fountains to jars-upon-jars transferring water, you can choose from a wide selection of water features for your garden, provided they are in line with your overall theme. For instance, Asian water features usually make use of bamboo materials. For contemporary water features, consider beautifully-stacked stones which end up acting as both water passage and art.

Always choose efficiency.  In the end, no matter how beautiful your garden looks, nothing beats efficiency. Make sure the end result doesn’t sacrifice its ability to be enjoyed by yourself and others. By ensuring comfortable seats, for example, you and your friends can lounge and have drinks while enjoying the beautiful view. Avoid plants that are just “pretty to look” at but might actually be harmful (even poisonous) for you and your family. They may look good but they sure won’t feel good. Opt for those that are both pleasant to look at and touch. You will be grateful when you start trimming those plants.

Hope these tips helped you jump-start your green thumb. Enjoy creating your own garden home!

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