Design Daily: Soft and Serene Bedding from Crane & Canopy


Nothing breathes new life into your bedroom like a fresh set of linens, and having just indulged in an expansive California King-sized mattress, I’m in the mood to splurge on some amazing sheets to complete my new space. Knowing it would be hard to find a duvet set in that size—especially a beautifully designed one—I happily turned to Crane & Company, a fabulous linen shop based out of San Francisco.

The company broke a few molds when it launched last summer by streamlining its production process. “We design our own products and go directly to the premium factories,” says co-founder Karin Shieh, who estimates that her model saves customers approximately 60 percent. 

The prices are definitely competitive (think $139 for a king-sized duvet), but I really love the color palette that includes muted pastels, charcoal grays and white-on-white texture. Extra details, such as covers with pintuck pleating or mille-feuille folds, come at a similar tidy price point. But are you ready to be impressed? Check out the Signature Duvet Cover for some patent-pending amazingness (I know, that’s not a word, but wait until you see this). Crane & Canopy combined the flat sheet with the classic duvet cover to make a very cool two-in-one topper. A hidden opening is stitched into the middle of the cover, so once you zip in the comforter, the united design looks like you’ve just folded your top sheet over the duvet.

The Signature Duvet Cover unites the top sheet and duvet cover. Voila! Your perfectly made bed.

There’s nothing like the foggy San Francisco summer days (hello, June Gloom) to make me want to curl up in bed with a hot mug of English Breakfast tea and the morning paper. I can’t wait for my fresh set of sheets to complete the picture. 

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