Branch Out From Your Decorating Style


Trees growing inside your home might be a little over the top. Rest assured, they can be quite refreshing (so to speak) if done properly. Here are some things to consider when branching out your interior design style.

Assess your space. Before you plant or even move anything inside, evaluate your space. Where will you place your tree? Where is it best suited? Trees WILL grow and grow BIG. Scope out a place where a splash of green will be most welcome.

Aim for balance such that no side of the room ever looks heavier than the other. Trees or plants may also be used as artistic room dividers should you want an alternative to actual partitions to section off your space. Take note that some trees such as columnar trees are able to grow in small spaces.

Photo via Noses Studio

Know the conditions. Is sufficient light coming from any windows? What about the moisture content in the atmosphere of your home? Do you usually keep a colder or warmer room temperature? These are the technical conditions you must consider to ensure your tree won’t wither and die when moved or planted inside your home. Not to worry, though; there are species that are persistent even when neglected and deprived of water or sunlight.

Find that tree. Now is the fun part! When branching out to find what tree suits your home, align your options with those compatible with your home conditions. Remember to take into consideration a tree’s height (the tallest it can grow) and canopy spread (the widest it can grow) when tree-hunting so they won’t end up bumping into any of your furniture nor cause any nuisance in the long run. If you have a big room to fill then you may choose those which can grow to an appropriate size for your room.

Photo via Fresh Home

Consider how fast the tree is capable of growing so you’ll know how to maintain it. Take note that slow-growing trees tend to live longer than the fast-growing ones (such as an Empress tree or a Japanese Pagoda tree, which may grow up to 50-75 feet tall) but can be manicured through trimming or pruning.

It’s great to have plants and/or trees inside your homes since they not only accentuate your home but also provide an endless supply of breathable air. Some even go beyond filtering your air and absorb toxic chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde and/or trichloroethylene that are found in everyday household items. Some of these plants are Gerbera Daisy, Rubber plant, and Bamboo plant.  Note, though, that some plants such as Golden Pothos and Snake plant may be harmful (even poisonous) for your children and pet cats and/or dogs. Always check before your plants take root!



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