Design Daily: The Welles from Gabriel Scott


With a mass of black geometric shapes and a flash of heavy metal, the Welles lighting collection from Montreal-based design duo Gabriel Scott made a splash at this year’s ICFF. I waded through the crowds—and there was a crowd—to get a better look at the new fixtures and find out more about the relative newcomers to the festival. In the year since founders Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler launched their studio (and displayed their wares at ICFF for the first time) in 2012, they’ve created some beautiful lighting and table designs. Check out their stunning Dean table and Kelly chandelier. The pieces from the pair—brothers who had worked together while designing custom pieces as architects—stay true to their aesthetic motto of “blackened gold.”

The Welles is a showstopping fixture, worth highlighting for its beauty and its versatility. The hexagonal globes—actually blackened-steel triangles with a reflective metal lining—can be arranged in a series of sculptural forms and are priced by the cube at $750 each. I also love that the finishes include copper, brass and nickel, so you can mix up the metallic tones to suit any space. Going for a sleek and sexy kitchen? Line up a series of single pendants above a black granite island. Glamming up your boudoir? I’d pair the Welles (in a silvery nickel finish) with any Deco– or Regency-styled space. My personal dream would be to suspend a sprawling mass of these in a moody, book-lined library. Imagine a roaring fire, low light from a lamp or two, and a soft glow emanating from twelve of these them tucked up tightly against a massive medallion. Heaven! Check out a few more images of the lovely Welles collection, below, where I included a sneak peek of the newest fixture in the family, the Welles wall sconce, which comes out this fall. The hand-assembled pieces can be found in only five places in the US, including Cavalier by Jay Jeffers, at 1035 Post Street in San Francisco, and at Twentieth Modern, at 807 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. 

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