Ask a Pro: Home Office Productivity & Efficiency


How would you feel about an efficient home office workspace that makes work feel less like work? When working at home, it helps to feel completely functional and comfortable in your environment in order to be fully productive (think sweatpants and your newest music playlist). California Closets can build your home office to accommodate various tasks and create a beautiful space where you will actually enjoy working. Multiple workstations, printer cabinets, and storage can all be customized to fit every multitasking lifestyle.

Whether it’s transforming an unused corner into a productive office nook or turning an entire room into a dedicated home office, we offer desks, file storage, cable management and even wall bed solutions (read: more space!) to help you get the most out of your home office.

Before you start daydreaming about the perfect desk set up, think about a few key things: How many people will use the space? Will most of your work be on the computer or on the desktop? Do you want multiple workspaces in the room? (Co-working spaces are popping up everywhere!) In many homes, office space has to be flexible enough to accommodate mixed usage. Designing a home office is one of the most complicated and technical projects our Design Consultants work on, that’s why whomever your consultant, you should clearly express your needs and desires. From selecting the perfect desk height to incorporating secure storage, as well as analyzing ergonomics to accommodating individual technology needs, a home office system should provide smart, custom solutions so you can be the boss of your work schedule. Now, where did we put our slippers?

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