Potrero Hill’s fuseproject: Where Art and Contemporary Design Finally Meet


Originally published on 7×7.com.

Amongst the blocks of non-descript warehouses in Potrero Hill sits a graffitied building housing fuseproject, the world-renowned design studio founded by Yves Behar. But that’s not the only thing that sets this building apart from its humdrum neighbors. In June, Behar opened FUSED – one of the few, if not only, exhibition spaces in San Francisco that celebrates the intersection of art and design – in the same building.

“Art is a growing passion of mine,” said Behar in a statement released before the first show opened in June. “Establishing FUSED is a way to engage with and support the art community directly. Sharing this inspiration with the broader art and design worlds, the fuseproject team, and the neighborhood where it lives, is a contribution we look forward to making.”

Gallerist Jessica Sliverman, who was commissioned to curate the space for its inaugural year, has planned a series of shows that focus on the subtle nuances of design in contemporary art.

“Just on the other side of the wall, they’re making creative objects that are mass produced,” she said of fuseproject. “I think that lends itself to what we do in the gallery space, where the same subtleties of design will also come through in each exhibition.”

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