Satori Wall Techniques Are the Finishing Touch


From stenciling and floral wallpaper borders to monochromatic stripes and faux-finish rag painting, wall covering options are limitless. For a lovely textured alternative to paint or wallpaper, look no further than Satori Japanese Wall Finishes, a Japanese wall treatment company that infuses natural earth elements into your interiors.

Called Satori (meaning awakening and understanding), this tactile wall treatment comes to us from the island of Shikoku in Japan. Producing sand wall coating since 1970, Satori Japanese Wall Finishes has worked to ensure that all finishes qualify for 1 LEED point for low-emitting paints and coatings. Plus, improved indoor air quality is always a bonus when remodeling!

This traditional (but way cool) Japanese plastering technique has been around for hundreds of years and uses plaster comprised of natural earth sand and other elements. These additives are imported from headquarters in Japan by Shikoku International Corporation, which is located in sunny Orange, CA.

The elements used in these wall techniques range from fine straw and gold silky fibers to blue glass beads and white mica. The resulting mixtures are textured and unique and are offered as different finishes like “Universe” (gives wall a natural shimmer from earth materials) and “Harmony” (blends different colors to achieve an array of effects by feathering, pattern rolling, and hand-troweling). Versatile and customizable, these techniques are often seen in homes, tea houses, and commercial establishments alike. Homeowners also have the option to choose the “Lifestyle” finish, which creates a stain-resistant surface allowing for easy clean up with mild soap and water.

Check out these awesome examples of how you can incorporate Satori wall finishes into your living room, bedroom, or foyer!

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