Make Yourself At Home On the Set Of “Modern Family”


You think your family is dysfunctional? Meet The Dunphys, Pritchetts, and Tucker-Pritchetts, an extended Los Angeles clan whose quirks top the charts in ABC’s award-winning comedy “Modern Family.” Sure, they sometimes undermine, deceive, and compete against each other, but at the end of the day, they mean well and are always doing what’s best for their fam.

The Dunphys are a family of five, led by husband Phil and wife Claire. When the youngest, Luke, isn’t inventing self-buttered toast and setting the toaster on fire, the kitchen (pictured above) is the gathering spot for morning grumbles, lectures, and quips from bickering sisters Haley and Alex. It’s bright and cheery and provides enough seating options to accommodate their rather large (and loud) bunch of relatives. Whitewashed chairs and stools complement the wood table and buffet, and mustard-hued cabinets add a spirited accent.

The Tucker-Prittchet home

Cam and Mitchell Tucker-Pritchett’s colorful life increased exponentially with the arrival of their adopted daughter, Lily. A precocious little gal with ears as big as her daddys’ hearts, she flits about the house absorbing their every word. Their home pairs a neutral palette with pops of bright color from pillows, end tables, and coffee table books.  The muted, contemporary interior provides a fantastic balance to their sometimes over-dramatic tendencies.

The Pritchett home | Photo courtesy of Joss & Main

The Pritchett home is infused with cultural influences, thanks to supermodel mom Gloria’s rich Columbian heritage. Vibrant paintings and textiles pop against the sumptuous tufted leather couch and ottoman, and sleek bar stools and dark wood mirror the mature taste of grandfather (and father) Jay Pritchett and wise-beyond-his-age stepson Manny.

We’re thrilled to share a selection of awesome home décor pieces from Joss & Main that are inspired by the hit TV show. Check out the “Modern Family” Collection here. P.S. Tune into the season premiere tonight!

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