Discover the Portrait Art Of Alex Katz At Meyerovich Gallery


Swing by downtown San Francisco and check out “Alex Katz: Portraits and Late Summer Flowers,” Meyerovich Gallery’s fall exhibition that runs through November 15. Katz (born 1927) is an American figurative artist regarded as one of the most important artists of his generation. His works have been collected and exhibited extensively in the U.S. and around the world.  In 2012, Katz celebrated his 85th birthday and a career that spans an impressive six decades.

Katz is associated with the Pop Art movement and is known for his bold, hard-edged figurative portraits which are among the most recognizable images in contemporary art.  Katz distills his subjects down to their essence with arresting simplicity of line, color, form and a powerful graphic punch.  These captivating new monochromatic etchings on display at Meyerovich Gallery feature six unforgettable portraits:  Christine Elizabeth (I, II, III), Meghan, Javier (30 x 34 in. each), that truly define Katz’s style.  This Six Portraits collection is described by critic Jonathan Curiel as “…timeless black-and-white etchings of six young adults … shadow and lines that give them the right amount of mystery and prominence…”

The exhibition includes a large vibrant scene of Late Summer Flowers (40 x 55 in., above) that envelop the viewer in colorful nature.  Also featured is the most recent portrait of the artist’s wife and muse, Ada, and a dynamic image of an Olympic Swimmer

You can get a sneek peek at the exhibition on the Gallery’s website. 251 Post Street, Suite 400, San Francisco

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