Ask a Pro: Decorating with Wood Grains


Incorporating fine wood grain finishes into your design aesthetic gives your living space more personality. People gravitate towards items that remind them of nature and wood grains make a subtle statement of high-quality design.

California Closets’ Tesoro Collection of finishes sets a new bench­mark in home décor. Rich wood textures evoke the stunning dynamics of the fashion industry with a combination of tactile and visual contrasts.

Your house is a blank canvas from which to com­pose the masterpiece that is your life. Tesoro wood grain finishes are a dynamic paintbrush to reimagine your spaces; as you always dreamed they could be.

Evocative of beautiful, sun-drenched villas near Italian shores, the Tesoro Collection is subtle, rich, comfortably familiar, and fresh at the same time. Every finish in this collection offers a look that will never go out of style. Classic and inviting, they are crafted with a depth of texture rarely found in a wood finish, creating an inviting tactile sensation.

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