Turning Design Inside-Out


World-renowned designer Ron Mann is known for his gutsy design choices, as evidenced in this spectacular residence that boasts a peaceful view of grape vines on Lovall Valley Road, near Sonoma, California.

The wine cave-esque hillside that the home is nestled against was the inspiration for Mann to expand the rocky terrain into the home through the use of natural stone. Most of these resources were selected from the extensive inventory of slabs at the Bay Area’s own Integrated Resources Group.

A monolithic slab of pure black granite juts into the dining space, somehow suspended, its depth of darkness enhanced by the river-washed satin treatment that provides additional texture.

“This house is about being awed,” says Ron’s wife, Louise, whose bold and sumptuous textiles fill the spaces as well. “It’s the way Ron works…and it is totally awe-inspiring to think that these surfaces were produced by nature…that they came from all parts of the earth. These stones literally come in every color in the spectrum.”

Indeed they do; Integrated Resources Group sources exotic resources from India, Italy, Greece, Brazil, and more, stocking over 10,000 slabs consistently – the largest inventory in the Bay Area – in two exceptional warehouse and showroom locations.

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