The Stone-Cold Truth: Top Kitchen Trends of 2013


The interior design gurus over at Houzz know what’s up when it comes to mixing stainless steel with color and which appliances are boiling over with popularity. They just released their fall 2013 kitchen trend report to clue you in to what homeowners are jonesing for when a tastefully designed renovation is in order. You’ve seen them sprinkled throughout Pinterest; now, here are some of our favorite trends that have been enjoying their moment in the limestone – er, limelight.

Tile Makes a Splash: Floor & Backsplash Trends

Just when it seems like hardwood floors are universal, it’s nice to see that tile is holding its own (and totally dominating in the backsplash department). See opening image.

The bottom line: homeowners cannot get enough of their tiled surfaces, especially since they can customize unique patterns to match their hand towels.


It’s Carved and Etched: Stone Counters Rock

Traditional Kitchen by Charlotte Interior Designers & Decorators Carolina Design Associates, LLC

Using recycled materials in countertops makes us feel even more sustainable as we prepare our organic strawberry and kale salad.

The bottom line: islands are a fabulous and functional kitchen focal point, no matter what material they are made from.


Such a Steel: Dream Appliances

Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Fiorella Design

Gone are the days when an Easy-Bake Oven would suffice as a big-ticket holiday present. We’re so glad we’ve reached a point where a whole refrigerator devoted to wine is an acceptable item to own.

The bottom line: chef’s stoves and double ovens will definitely be making the rounds this holiday season.


More popular trends from 2013 include open plan spaces, stainless steel appliances mixed with vibrant accents, and conservative color schemes (though watch out for those millennials – they tend to go more contemporary). Hop on over to Houzz to see the full report of what’s hot or not in the kitchen, and get cookin’!


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