Convertible Pool Tables Make Entertaining Double the Fun


It’s the age-old pool table vs. dining room table conundrum: you want a pool table, but there just isn’t room for one. Luckily, the chairs and table at the center of your dining room are outdated, and you’re in the market for a new set. On one hand, your goal is to create a calm atmosphere where friends and family can sit comfortably, but on the other, you’d love to have a lively hub where the family can entertain. Shoot for the stars (and the pockets) and bring home the best of both worlds: a convertible table from Fusion Tables that plays double-duty as a pool table and a dining room table!

A big screen TV can impress and entertain friends for a little while, but if guests want to mix and mingle after a dessert party, lift off the tops of the table to reveal the felt and billiard balls housed underneath.

Want to switch up games? Flip over the top to uncover built-in channels to attach gaming felts for poker and blackjack. These tables have a unique lifting mechanism, as pool tables are taller than standard tables. A plus for households with small children: they’ll find the lower height easier to reach.

Don’t shy away from the hefty $7,900 price tag; these tables are made from the best quality components and play like professional tables (similar styles are being used in international competition). The heavy-duty steel frame supports a 3/4” slate top covered with professional bumpers and felt.

Available in over 600 colors and finish combinations, you can customize the tables to be as bold and beautiful as you’d like. From high-rises and Victorians to corporate boardrooms, these tables fit in anywhere, and are always ready for double the fun.

Fusion Tables are distributed by Leicht Haus. Check out their beautiful designs for ideas on how to revamp your space.

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