We’ll See You at DIEM: Design Intersects Everything Made, Friday Nov. 8th!


After such a fabulous kickoff year last year, we’ve been looking forward to the 2nd annual DIEM: Design Intersects Everything Made for months. The one-day design symposium is presented by the cool kids at the West Hollywood Design District, and attendees are treated to a full day of discussions and interviews (with a glass of wine thrown in) held at showrooms throughout the district.

This year the event is curated by Frances Anderton, Host of KCRW’s DnA:Design and Architecture. Frances is a modern-age design Renaissance woman – she has a background in architecture, and has done everything from producing a national news show to studying public planning in Jaipur, India. Under France’s keen eye, DIEM has structured their event to bring exciting perspectives to the traditional discussion of interior design.

The new direction really resonates with us, and we love the creativity and fresh take (you can see DIEM’s full itinerary here). We’re looking forward to the Q&A with Mallery Roberts Morgan, Paris VOGUE alum and LA correspondent of AD France, who will give insight to the Parisian view of LA design, and a talk with Jonathan Skow about being “Mr Turk.” 

But we’re especially excited for the panel we’re sponsoring, “Copying: Art or Crime.” Working in a creative environment, we often think to ourselves, “Is that a homage…or just plain stealing?,” and we bet a ton of other people do too. The event will be hosted at Poliform at 2:15 p.m. and moderated by Huge Ideas director, Marissa Gluck, featuring Ray Azoulay, owner of Obsolete, Bianca Bosker, Executive Tech Editor for Huffington Post and author of Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in Contemporary China. What a great group to discuss the practical and moral dilemma surrounding this hot-button issue in the design community.

Cheers to opening up design dialogue, and we’ll see you in West Hollywood!

DIEM: Design Intersects Everything Made, Friday November 8th, 9:30 a.m. Free to attend.

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