Ask a Pro: Electronic & Digital Style In Entertainment Centers


When creating a media center, how do you balance style and function? Between DVD players, gaming consoles, cable/satellite boxes, DVRs, flat-panel TVs and the miles of cables that connect them all, TV rooms are a true storage challenge. Add in collections of DVDs, CDs, video games, and remote controls, and that challenge gets even tougher. But the right approach can provide solutions to tame your media room and bring order to the chaos.

Whether your entertainment of choice is “House Hunters,” “Top Chef,” “How I Met Your Mother,” or every sporting event under the sun, the television tends to be the focal point of any media room.  A California Closets custom entertainment center can be designed around your specific media equipment and allow for updates in the future.  Slide-out shelves and drawers house games and movies, and wire management systems can all be incorporated into a custom solution that matches your personal style.

The next time you are enjoying a marathon of your favorite series, take a look around your living space and consider creating a custom storage solution as stylish as the technology it houses.

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