Cosentino Surfaces Unveils New Nebula Code Series To Polish Up Your Countertops


Your countertops no longer have an excuse to exhibit the bare minimum when it comes to design. Cosentino Surfaces has recently launched the newest Silestone Series: Nebula Code. The color series is inspired by the movement and beauty found in natural stones around the world and balances this concept with the modernized qualities of quartz surfacing and color innovation. The collection is represented by five unique and neutral colors made up of base colors that feature unique veining patterns in complimentary hues.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Nebula Code Silestone Series is that all of the colors come in both polished and suede finishes. The suede finish is available in nine colors and is a revolutionary new texture that does not show fingerprints, does not stain, and does not require a waiver to install.

Cosentino seeks to stay at the peak of innovation by gathering feedback from designers all over the world. Some of the Nebula Code color formulas were directly impacted by designer input based on what they needed for projects and what they thought would impact the design community most.

These slabs are all one-of-a-kind and can be viewed at the Cosentino Center in South San Francisco.

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