Take A Second Spook At This Season’s Haunted Homes


While we normally tend to avoid reliving our more terrifying moments, there’s something to be said for indulging in a good thrill again, and again…and again. In celebration of today’s ol’ scare fest, we’ve gathered some of our favorite haunted tours (they will scare the pants right off of you, then intrigue you to read on) and hauntingly beautiful inspiration rooms (in orange and black, with wicked charm aplenty, of course). The choice is yours: do you want a trick…or treat?

Keep SF Moody: 20 Black “Painted Ladies”

We searched high and low through the streets of San Francisco for the eeriest and most eclectic black-painted Victorians and Edwardians. Which one do you think is the creepiest: the once-headquarters of the Church of Satan or this brooding beauty in Eureka?

9 Painted Floors Bringing Sexy Black

These boo-tiful rooms that sport black-painted floors instantly take on a haunted vibe as the dark hue swallows the room into darkness. What really makes us squeamish is how reminiscent those stairs are from the ones featured in the 1973 horror film, “The Exorcist.”

The Haunted Life of Mystery Writer Juliet Blackwell

It’s easy to dismiss accounts of ghost sighting as silly, but we’re completely enthralled by the experiences this author has lived through, all of which inspire her haunted book series. Don’t say we didn’t warn you; it’s terrifying.

9 Wicked Pools that Pull Us to the Dark Side

The unknown is an abstract idea that instills trepidation into anyone who over thinks the concept, so when you have wickedly awesome pools that look like they might be concealing something in the mist or hiding something in its depths, our curiosity starts to surface.

The Top 10 Lies About the Winchester Mystery House

We’re kicking the scary up a notch and unraveling the truths behind the biggest deceptions surrounding the top tourist destination.

Orange is the New Black

While orange is one of Halloween’s associated colors, these nine rooms prove that the marigold, tangerine, and persimmon hue works year-round. Orange you glad that your house isn’t haunted? As far as you know…

Visit Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” School House

It’s one thing to watch a horror movie and take comfort in knowing that it is all make-believe, but when Leah Taylor, the current owner of the schoolhouse in “The Birds,” shares its secrets, the fright suddenly becomes all too real. 

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