Ask A Pro: Selecting Satori Japanese Wall Finishes


There are a million wall treatments to choose from when giving your home a facelift (just conduct a quick search on Pinterest). When regular wallpaper doesn’t quite fit the dynamic design you’re going for, consider adding natural elements into the mix.

Satori Japanese finishes might just be the unique wall finish you’re looking for. Available in three very different looks, these treatments can be customized even further to satisfy your personal style.

The Elements series consists of a unique sand finish that does not coat over additives, making it easy to select your choice of Japanese rice straw, glass beads, mica, seashells, and silky fibers to mix in with the wall coating. The finished look is primarily natural, earthy, and contemporary (see opening photo). The Elements series is a great choice for large areas or rooms where you want to create a calming and soothing space.

The Universe series sparkles with its addition of earth metals in wall treatments. You can enhance this effect with additives carefully chosen and imported from Japan. We dig the glitzy and glamorous statement!

Create balance and experience freedom from “flat” surroundings by using the Harmony Series to texturize walls and give any room major drama. The look here is all about handmade texture made with a Japanese trowel or Zen Rollers.

Check out these awesome wall finishes in action over at Satori Japanese Wall Finishes.

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