A Coffee Table Tome Made For More Than Display


Originally published on 7×7.com

Founder of the six-year-old website and author of Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home (that debuted on Tuesday 11/5), Julie Carlson knows a thing or two about making a small space work.

The biggest challenge to living in her 1,800-square-foot Mill Valley house, she says, is limited space for storage. “We are constantly pruning our possessions,” says Carlson, a graduate of the Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies. “I have deaccessioned a large portion of our past. You have to look at everything with an appraising eye: Do we really need this plastic baseball trophy from third grade?”

Remodelista touts itself as a sourcebook for the considered home. And thanks to Carlson and three of her friends—Janet Hall, Sarah Lonsdale, and Francesca Connolly—DIY remodelers no longer have to sift through hardware store bins in search of the perfect fixture. Remodelista editors have done the sorting and the heavy lifting.

Click here to read more tips for small space living from this new beauty of a book!

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