Experience A Relaxing Retreat At Home


After an exhausting week – or day, for that matter – it can be hard to find time to cater to our personal needs. When all you can think about is filling a hot tub with bubbles and enjoying a glass of bubbly, perhaps creating a private sanctuary is just the ticket to a relaxing evening.

Jack London Kitchen & Bath Gallery might have just what the doctor ordered to decorate a space to enhance your overall wellness: BainUltra’s Inexperience Bathroom.

What matters here is not a room’s limitations or the fixtures or objects used to furnish it, but rather the self-understanding that allows us to create the ideal space for our needs. The combination of therapies – hydro, thermo, chromo, light, sound and aroma – and the unique design approach will help you determine and identify your physical, mental, emotional, and overall health needs. The different therapies incorporated in the Inexperience Bathroom concept have been carefully designed to help you achieve that very equilibrium within your own home.

Explore the many facets and benefits of this new concept and see how you can transform your bathroom into a haven of wellness for you and your family.

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