Sustainability Meets Durability In Cosentino’s New ECO Recycled Surfaces


Being environmentally-conscious and undergoing a “green” home renovation is easy to do with the help of Cosentino’s new ECO recycled surfaces.

ECO by Cosentino is an environmental achievement in countertop surfacing. It is manufactured using the same technology as quartz surfacing, but instead of quartz, it is comprised of 75% post-consumer and post-industrial products such as granulated and recycled glass, porcelain and ceramics, and mirrors.

So what exactly makes ECO so unique? The corn oil-based resin that is used in the product is made up of 22% corn oil and was developed by Cosentino. ECO is available in 14 neutral colors and is not only NSA and Greenguard certified, but is also Cradle to Cradle and EPA certified.

Check out the spectacular colors and designs as well as a gallery of ideas that will guide you in selecting the perfect design for a greener home.

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