Secret Sources: Jaime Derringer, Founder and Executive Editor Of Design Milk


Welcoming Jaime Derringer, founder and executive editor of Design Milk, as today’s contributor is a total fan girl dream of mine. The endless files of cutting-edge products, radical interiors, and techy innovations that she shares with her readership are a constant reminder that no creative idea is too out-of-the-box to be realized.

With monthly features that include behind-the-scenes product construction and a day in the life of a shop owner, and weekly columns that are every bit as punny as they are pretty (“Skim Milk” seeks out the best in minimalist design), Jaime constantly builds upon her online design empire. When she isn’t providing daily doses of vitamin D from around the world (“that’s ‘D’ for design,” she notes on her blog), she hones her own drawing, painting, and poetry-writing prowess. I admire Jaime’s self-teaching approach to art, a skill that helps shape and define her creative goals and allows her to experiment with infinite kinds of subjects and media.

Here, Jaime spills on the artsy shops she often frequents in her sunny San Diego town.

Progress is a fab resource for kids gifts and modern decor finds. Photo via Progress


Tucked away in the cutest little strip of shops, Progress is a fairly new South Park shop boasting some well-known names like Blu Dot, but they also have their own brand of products, including local upholstery. They have an awesome kids section and tons of gifts for modern design enthusiasts. And, to top it off, they offer interior design services. 2225 30th Street, San Diego.

DIY Terrariums sold at Pigment. Photo via Pigment.


Pigment is a fairly large shop located in a fantastic, industrial space full of natural light. Started back in ’07 to help local artists, they’re now stocked with lots of California-based artists like Wolfum, Bend, as well as some well-known modern names from elsewhere like Gus*Modern. One of the unique things about Pigment is that they’re also stocked with tons of outdoor products, from bullet planters to DIY kits to the actual plants themselves. 3801 30th Street, San Diego.

Architectural Salvage houses vintage hardware. Photo via Yelp user Enrique B.

Architectural Salvage

Probably not a huge hidden secret place, but this is one of those places you need to block out an afternoon to visit. From door hardware to drawer pulls, old doors, sconces, and even fireplace mantels, this place has just about everything your heart could desire, whether you’re renovating an old home or just looking for a unique art piece to display. 2401 Kettner Blvd, San Diego.

Stop by Low Gallery for lighting inspiration. Photo via Low Gallery’s Facebook.

Low Gallery

A brand new space, Low Gallery is more than just a white wall. Besides monthly gallery shows, Low features special pieces from local San Diego artists, such as jewelry, scarves, and lighting. Low probably has something special that no one else has, so it’s a great place to pop in when you’re in the South Park area. 3778 30th Street, San Diego. 

Check out the works of local artisans at The Platform pop-up shop. Image via

The Platform / Klassik

A few local companies got together to create a curated popup shop inside mid-century store Klassik called The Platform. While Klassik is a must-visit anyway, you’ve got to check out the fantastic lineup of local artisans featured at The Platform. 989 West Kalmia Street, San Diego.

Jaime couldn’t stop there. Her honorable mentions go to Solo and Grounded. Check out Design Milk to see what’s been inspiring this creative gal recently!

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