Ask a Pro: A Garage Is Not Just For Storage


Let’s be real. When was the last time you went searching for something in the garage, and actually found it? It used to be that the garage was where we kept our car and overflow junk from home, but those days are long gone. Today the trend in garage storage design is creating tailored solutions that reflect the way you live and the ways you want to utilize your space, and California Closets has a wide variety of finishes and colors to help you achieve just that.

Transforming your garage – everyone’s neglected storage area – into spaces you are proud to show off to your neighbors can be accomplished with extra cabinets, hanging racks for sports equipment and tools, and a workbench area for crafts and projects.

There are many options to help you achieve the most awesome storage spage. Whether you like woodworking (workbench system), music recording (home studio), are an avid sports and recreation guru (storage/hanging system for bikes, golf clubs, fishing poles, racquets, balls, you name it), the right design consultant will work with you, focusing on your space and your interests to create a customized garage storage solution that you’ll actually use.

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