The Role of the Viewer in Abstract Art


Contemporary abstract art offers the interested viewer an interpretive role in the world of art. Gregory Deane’s paintings encourage interaction, appreciation, enjoyment, criticism, understanding, and disbelief.

Abstract art, by nature, is not based on the realistic portrayal of objects, people, or places. It encourages viewers to absorb a composition created with an incredibly diverse range of color, texture, talent, and experience. Contemporary abstract paintings can begin with a color, thought, shape, representative value, dream – any inspiration, really. By using that one conceptual element as a base, a journey begins.

Gregory Deane knows that building a successful abstract painting is not defined by steps or a “paint by numbers” mentality. It is driven and shaped by individual talent, a deep understanding of, and feel, for color, a willingness to take risks, and the confidence to allow the vision of the artist to emerge on each canvas. 

Some of the most beautiful, diverse, and emotionally involving works available in the Bay Area can be found in his Palo Alto studio. Gregory Deane has nearly 200 paintings available for viewing. His skill at using color and texture is brilliant, and the experience is remarkable!

Gregory Deane’s Palo Alto Studio and Gallery is open by appointment. For more information, visit his website

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