Design Daily: Luum Pendant by Sander Bakker


More than one reader wanted to know more about this stunner that we teased in the table of contents from our Fall issue, so we’re bringing you the inside story of the Luum pendant by designer Sander Bakker of Splinterseed

From his studio in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Bakker creates his family of undulating lighting that relies on the repetitive forms often found in nature—called parametric designs, in reference to the step-by-step construction of these algorithmic shapes. Luum, a pure white polyethylene form, softens in color once the light is switched on. 

Having started out as a sound designer for film and digital media, the Amsterdam native also put in time as a producer of interactive sound and photography installations (as well as lighting designs) for the Dutch Royal Ballet. But Bakker’s next move was perhaps a surprising one—moving to Los Angeles to enroll in the Master’s of Architecture program at UCLA. “Working in an environment where sound, light and images collide in exhibition spaces ignited a dormant interest in architecture,” says the designer. 

Bakker approaches design as a translation of digital geometries to the physical form, a philosophy very much in evidence in his product aesthetic. Head to Splinterseed to see more of his designs, or pick up the Luum pendany, $269, from Just Modern.

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