30 Days, 30 Gifts | Day #13: Lumio Lamp


‘Tis the season of family, friends, food, festivity, and total mall frenzy. Skirt the lines and make our 30 Days, 30 Gifts guide your go-to holiday shopping resource. Every day for the next 30 days, our editorial team will share beautifully designed must-haves that will delight the creatives in your life. Get out your naughty-or-nice list, and let the gift giving begin!

Shop it: Lumio Lamp, $160

For: The Light Reader

Why they’ll love it: SF-based Lumio‘s inventor Max Gunawan had sustainability on the mind when he designed this nerdtastic lamp that looks like a book. The wood “cover” is available in three finishes – dark walnut, warm cherry, and blonde maple – and the “pages” are made with 100% recyclable, water resistant Tyvek and powered by LED lights. Open it to book length and slap it on a metal surface (there’s a built-in magnet) or bend all the way back to emit 360 degrees of radiant light. 

Pair with: Rickshaw City Tote Bag, Pac Man Ghost Light

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