A Stylist and Food Photographer Write the Book on Bite-Sized Recipes


Truth be told, there wasn’t immediate chemistry when Jenny Park and Teri Lyn Fisher first met. Fisher (a photographer, right) claims that Park (a food stylist, left) thought she was mean. “We were both assisting others on a shoot. I’m pretty straightforward, and I think that came off as harsh,” says Fisher. “But we kept meeting on assignments, and we decided to work together on photography to improve our portfolios.” After several self-imposed assignments yielded interesting images, the duo launched a blog, Spoon Fork Bacon, which was soon stuffed with delicious recipes.

Shortly after, the women penned a book, and as the cover promises, Tiny Food Party! offers “bite-sized recipes for miniature meals.” Fisher and Park provide a fresh take on the mini-food trend, going beyond the expected diminutive hamburgers and soup in a shot glass to offer lessons on how to make credit card–sized pop tarts, penny-sized onion rings and corn dogs on a scale that Tom Thumb would appreciate. “When we are developing recipes, we just think about what we’d like to eat, and then make it small,” says Fisher. Park adds that small foods make sense in the larger picture. “They usually mean that there’s a larger variety of things to try,” she says. “Small foods keep people up and socializing at a party.” They can’t talk about it yet, but the duo is working on a new book—and we can expect something big.

This was originally published in California Home + Design’s Winter 2014 issue. Click here to subscribe.

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