30 Days, 30 Gifts | Day #17: August Smart Lock


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Shop it: August Smart Lock, $199

For: The Airbnb-er

Why they’ll love it: This go-go gadget isn’t available for another few months, but orders are open for the August Smart Lock, a slim device that will forever change your relationship with your front door. Install it in place of your deadbolt, and get complete keyless control over who enters your home—set it to unlock when you approach, send access-included invites to friends coming over for a backyard bbq, clear your UPS guy to drop a package inside your door, or just check and see if your dogwalker showed up today. Oh, and for all you “shareconomy” folks out there, this will totally revolutionize your Airbnb welcome mat.

Pair with: Flora Grubb wreath, Ikea Rag rug

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