Make Your Laundry Room Rock With Purpose and Style


Be adventurous with design and create a cheery space for the mundane task of doing laundry with these tips from Julie Williams Design. With a little pop of color, checkerboard floor patterns, a music source, fun art, and lighting, you can make this often-ignored and underutilized room come to life.

In today’s world where square footage is so valuable, consider a laundry room set-up that will house many occasional tasks we run into throughout the year, like gift wrapping and mending.

Photo courtesy of Julie Williams

Try adding one or more of the following to really ramp up your space:

 – Dropdown ironing board

– Dog washing basin

– Craft supply storage

– Plant center to cut flowers or maintain houseplants

– Gift wrap station

– Overflow storage for bulk paper products or pantry items

– Mending area (you never know when you need to mend a button at the last minute)

– Work center to house music, computer, television

If your laundry is near the back door or kitchen, it can also double as a mud room. We schlep in so many coats, shoes, and backpacks that often get tossed on the floor, and bringing in a small hutch to store these items would be an easy storage solution. Consider adding a central command center to organize grocery lists, kids’ schedules, art work, keys, charging stations and notes to family members.

Once only an afterthought, your laundry room will now become a multi-use utility space that will be the hardest working room in your house. Check out different design options from Julie Williams Design and get started!

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