Satori Japanese Wall Finishes Are Versatile from East to West


We adore the textured wall finishes that have been used in Japanese homes, temples, and teahouses for centuries. Satori Japanese Wall Finishes have engineered this plastered technique for the modern living environment, like in the above photo of a modern urban loft, and, below, a modern Japanese tea room in Japan. These finishes are an edgy alternative to paint, wallpaper, and other wall coatings. Unlike paint, they are versatile and can be texturized with additives such as Japanese rice straw, seashells, silky fibers, mica, and glass beads to complement any style, from traditional to urban to contemporary.

Photo courtesy of Satori

All of the walls in the modern tea room are covered with Satori’s Elements series technique, and Harmony KRM has been applied with a feather texture (made by Japanese artisan plasterers) to the back wall inside the private tea ceremony area of the tearoom.

Japanese finishes have come a long way since the ancient methods of plastering, which have evolved into the modern pigment and bonding technology used today. The earth material used in Satori’s products has been sourced from around the globe, carefully selected for quality and particle size consistency. The earth sand is collected from areas in strict accordance with all regulations from land beneath the clay layer. All Satori products are SCS Certified Indoor Advantage Gold low VOC for healthier indoor air quality, which means it’s a Green product and qualifies for 1 LEED point.

The U.S. market has used the incredible versatility of these beautiful finishes to create unique and contemporary Western-style interiors. The opening photo is of a modern urban loft that showcases the Elements series in the background and textured blue KRM on the half-circle front wall. The far back wall uses a blend of KRM to create a cloudlike effect.

Satori also offers stencil designs that are created using any combination of textured finishes. This example shows the Raised Plaster Tree branch stencil.

Photo courtesy of Satori

All Satori Japanese Wall Finish products are imported from Japan by Shikoku International Corporation and shipped from Long Beach, CA. Visit their website to check out the complete selection.

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