Tiled Options for the Bath are Bubbling Over


If you’re going to embark on the sometimes daunting process of renovating your bathroom, make sure to consider all of your options. The right surfacing tiles can mean the difference between a good redo and a great one, and Style Bath and Kitchen can point you in the right decorating direction.

Marble mosaics add a gleam of luxury to any setting. They can be mixed with larger field tiles to minimize the expense of finer mosaics. (See above photo.)

Ceramic tile such as subway tile can give your project an instant classic look. Our beveled metro tile adds subtle texture, and is super easy to maintain. Traditional subway tile is a bit more subdued, and allows a decorative strip to shine on a neutral surface. Subway tile is commonly seen as wainscoting in bathrooms or as a kitchen backsplash. Splurge on it to give your bath that luxurious spa feel!

Quartz is being used quite a bit in countertops, easily making it the most popular counter material in recent renovations. Quartz is a man-made material comprised of 90-95% crushed stone and 5-10% polymer. The polymer is the binding agent and adds the color. It is nonporous and does not need to be sealed. Check out this style if you’re looking for low maintenance and a great look.

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