Ask a Pro: Step Into Your Dream Walk-In Closet


Well-heeled shoe hoarders, take note: There are many custom closet solutions for your bedroom that can help turn a cluttered space into a stylish sanctuary fit for a fashionista. Beautifully designed organizational solutions from California Closets can help turn any room into a perfect home base for your wardrobe.

Ready to have your dream closet organizers designed and installed? Start by determining which custom closet best suits your needs. A walk-in closet is exactly what the name would imply: a closet system that’s large enough for you to step into. It can be just a few square feet or as large as another bedroom. Typically, since walk-ins are larger, they allow for more storage. But the placement of each closet’s corners and angles needs careful planning to maximize storage ease and efficiency.

Our ultimate dream closet would include an island, jewelry drawers, various hanging rod heights, and most importantly, gorgeous shoe storage. If you need to share a closet with a significant other, no worries there; splitting a closet has never been easier than with a beautifully organized California Closets system that is custom-designed for your specific wardrobe and to your aesthetic preferences.

The folks at California Closets can analyze your space and help you create a wardrobe system that blends perfectly with the style of your home and brings order and functionality to your bedroom.


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