Ask a Pro: Your Guide To Appliance Panel Construction


Ready for a kitchen remodel? You’ll be off to a great start if you consult with the pros at Precision Cabinets first. When approached with the proper care and planning, an appliance panel on a refrigerator or dishwasher can seamlessly blend the appliance into a kitchen’s cabinetry. As a general rule of thumb, the better an appliance blends in, the more cost and preparation a homeowner must invest.


The framed appliance panel boasts the easiest installation process, the most accurate appliance specifications, and – a big plus – the most competitive pricing. The appliance panels are built to match the surrounding cabinetry and slip into the frame which remains exposed. Although the cheaper of the three options, this method can leave something to be desired in terms of blending away the somewhat industrial-looking metal of appliances. (See opening image.)

Full Overlay

Full overlay panels completely cover the front of the appliance but do not cover the sides. Although this method does a better job of visually blending the appliance away, any doors or false panels above the appliance do not line up in width. Furthermore, the appliance itself protrudes beyond the cabinet face. Note: this option requires either custom handles or handle extensions.


Easily the most elegant option, integrated appliance panels are more costly and challenging to install. Hiding the appliance’s frame completely, the panel structure and functionality must be considered throughout the design process. It is important to note that not all appliance models can be fully integrated; the decision to fully integrate an appliance must be made prior to the appliance purchase. 

Check out the full line of designs from Precision Cabinets here, and you’ll be on your way to an amazing renovation!

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