2014 Predictions: 9 Hottest Trends of the Year


From a preference for Danish furnishings to enthusiasm for all things handmade, here are our design predictions for 2014!  

1. Smart Lighting

Adaptive Circadian Rhythm lighting. This LED technology shifts the color of the interior light throughout the day to mimic the exterior light. The health and wellness aspects of this system are well documented in the medical press. – Jeff Henry 

After seeing the James Turrell exhibits at LACMA and the Guggenheim, I’m inspired to integrate interesting uses of light into my interiors.Natasha Baradaran 

2. Scandinavian Design

I am loving sculptural Danish furniture right now.Tim Clarke

I don’t know if it’s a trend, but if I could have Scandinavian white painted floors I’d be pretty happy. I love that look combined with Moroccan Boucherouite rugs with bold of pops of color.Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay

3. Artisans and Custom Work

I’m excited by the growing interest in young, entrepreneurial artisans. LA is full of talented people who are hand crafting beautiful, unique objects (lighting, ceramics, textiles), and I think the design world is paying more attention to these smaller producers. Layering special objects into a space gives it so much character and interest.Taylor Jacobson 

My new thing is custom hardware, including fun cabinet pulls I designed myself and some unique one-of-a-kind objects that I turned into pulls for furniture and cabinetry. It really makes furniture stand out!Tineke Triggs

4. Brass is Back

I’m thrilled brass is back – I was headed toward a polished nickel coma. – Adam Hunter

I love that brass has made an enormous comeback. I love the idea of having brass taps and fittings in bathrooms, brass tables and coffee tables in living spaces, even brass-framed lighting and chandeliers. That subtle golden glow is timeless but again very modern. The revival of a classic!
 – Martyn Lawrence Bullard

5. Fashion Inspired

Fashion is one of my biggest sources of inspiration. Right now, I’m loving new Italian designer Stella Jean. She’s not afraid to mix bold patterns and color to make something uniquely beautiful. I’d love to work on a space, residential or retail, with her collection as my inspiration. – Leslie Harris Keane 

I love how fashion inspires interior design. One fashion trend I love to follow is the monochromatic look; the all-black ensemble with just the perfect accent color or piece of jewelry. So why not, for example, carry your wall cover onto the trim, base boards, doors throughout the room or rooms in a home?Anastasia Faielle

6. Going Big and Bold

I’m a big lover of large architectural chandeliers. If I could invest in serious lighting for our current apartment I so would. I would love to drop a piece by the likes of Billy Cotton, Apparatus and The Future Perfect over our living room coffee table. I think dramatic lighting needs to go beyond the dining room and into living spaces!Erin Hiemstra

Bold colors! I love the deep dark tones that are so readily available in fabrics right now.Heather Ashton 

7. Technology-Driven Design

One of the new design trends that I am excited about is computer generated fabric prints and wallpapers. The technology we have now days is amazing and the ability to create custom prints and patterns from your own computer is really exciting.Trip Haenisch

Designing an office that is based upon choice and the freedom enabled by the incredible technologies developed right here in California.Collin Burry

8. Textiles

I’m very inspired by fashion and textile design. I’m not sure if it’s a trend, but I’m excited to play around with the Rorschach effect. – Heidi Yarger

I have definitely seen a recent focus on textiles.Marcia Prentice 

9. Black On Black

All black exteriors.Nicole Hollis (We couldn’t agree more, sister.)

What do you think of the trends? Agree with the predictions? Any you feel are totally off base? Let us know in the comments! 

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