Uber-Cute Soap Line Will Dissipate Laundry Woes


Nobody said that doing laundry was fun – but now it can at least be stylish, thanks to the adorable packaging of puretergent products.

The mission of puretergent is right there in the name: 100 percent biodegradable, residue- and chemical-free, this botanical laundry soap brings a seriously pure approach to getting your whites even whiter. The Oakland-based company prides itself on using the least amount of plastic possible (eight times less than an average detergent bottle), and we can’t get enough of the bright color-blocking packaging. Any pouring messes are nixed, thanks to a built-in spout.

Here’s some scientific factoids for you: You usually find petroleum in natural laundry formulas because it helps keep the fragrances intact. You won’t find petroleum or unpronounceable chemicals in puretergent products; they are naturally scent-free, and do not produce any residue that will irritate your skin. Instead, the company opted for stain-fighting botanicals that, yes, you can detect when the liquid goes into the machine, but you won’t be inundated with any fragrance when the timer goes off.

Managing Editor Sarah White tested out the soap to see if it lived up to the hype. She loved the to-die-for lavender scent of the Colors soap that, true to the buzz, dissipated in the wash, and her laundry came out smelling cotton-fresh. Not one to usually pop in a dryer sheet, she was pleased to find that her clothes came out static-free and with a crisp softness.  “I love that it’s chemical-free, great for kids and people with allergies and sensitive skin,” said Sarah. She also noted that the tiny sample bags she received were the perfect size for traveling.  Clean laundry on the go? Sign us up!

Learn more about the puretergent products on their website. Available in Colors, Whites, and Ultra-Sensitive formulas.

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