The Selby is in Airbnb’s Places


Photographer Todd Selby takes his raw, up-close-and-personal style of photojournalism to his five favorite Airbnb properties. Check out our peek at this LA property in Venice Beach

The trendsetting photographer made his name by breaking more than a few shelter-magazine rules; he eschewed wealthy playgrounds devoid of personal elements and captured the glorious perfection of imperfection in order to focus on the intimate story behind a space,.

Having traveled frequently via Airbnb, Selby picked five properties around the world to photograph in collaboration with the company. He stayed with Tom Dixon’s daughter in London and an art dealer in Paris, and also hit up Tokyo, Sydney and Los Angeles. He spent two days in each location, getting to know his hosts and their experiences in their cities. Check out his photographs of thhis LA home and its inspiring environs—starting with the handdrawn map that his hosts sent before he arrived. 

Selby’s LA hosts drew him a map to prep him for exploring their ‘hood.

Selby’s drawing of his gracious LA hosts, Azza and Chris.

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