Pantone Fashion Color Series: Dazzling Blue


Pantone Fashion Color Series: Looking for a way to update your abode for spring? Incorporate Pantone’s Spring 2014 picks to prep your home for warmer days ahead. We’ve already met Radiant Orchid, Pantone Color of the Year, and Placid Blue; let’s take a closer look at the rest of the chosen shades. Whether you add just a touch here and there, or makeover your space entirely in these colors, these hues usher in spring dreams while chasing away winter doldrums. Next up: The bright and energizing Dazzling Blue.

Considered a demure cobalt, or an elevated navy, the versatile Dazzling Blue was crowned “Pantone Color of Spring 2014.” (The coveted top spot, Pantone Color of the Year, went to Radiant Orchid.) Even if this hue is Skipper to Radiant Orchid’s Barbie, the Miss Congeniality to Radiant Orchid’s Miss America, Dazzling Blue dominates this season, gracing nearly 20 percent of this Spring’s runways.

If last week’s Placid Blue was gracefully dipping one’s toe in the water to check the temperature, this week’s Dazzling Blue is cannonballing into the depths, complete with a running start. Vivid and vivacious, this blue shakes off any iciness associated with its companion hue and gets the party started.

Looking for the exact shade? Here are the details to get you started:

Hex #: 006bb6

RGB: 0.107.182


Pantone: 18-3949

Just looking.

Bring in small elements of the Pantone Color of Spring 2014 to brighten up a room without overwhelming the space.  A rug, a chair, or a pitcher are low-commitment ways to introduce Dazzling Blue to the space.

Dazzling Blue rug in a living room; Anthropologie chair in yellow, white, and Dazzling Blue

(left) Image courtesy of Living Etc. House Tours (right) Astrid chair, Anthropologie

If you’re nervous about using this much vibrant blue, seek out patterns and prints with the hue as a base. This tufted armchair introduces just a hint of Dazzling Blue, as the bright white and yellow floral pattern steals the show. Another easy way to add a dash of color is through this eco-friendly rug made from recycled plastic. Lightweight, reversible, and washable—the rug is an ideal addition to any outdoor space.  

Image courtesy of Scott Himmel

Want the blue to take play a more important role than just second fiddle to patterns? Try adding just one piece as a focal point to an otherwise subdued room, like this anything-but-understated Dazzling Blue velvet chair.

Just friends.

Dazzling Blue is eye-catching in small doses—and is positively attention-grabbing in larger pieces. Use this Pantone color to make bold statements throughout the house.

Dazzling blue velvet doors, printed wall paper and blue floors.

(left) Image courtesy of Vogue Living Australia via Joanna Henderson (right) Image courtesy of House to Home UK

Every entrance will be grand with doors upholstered in Dazzling Blue velvet. Or pair vintage print wallpaper with solid blue floors and walls (blue books optional).

Invest in visually striking pieces that are much a work of art as it is a functional piece of furniture. The blue makes just as much a statement on this sideboard as it does on a wall.

Just can’t get enough.

Ready to embrace this blue with open arms? Dive into the deep end with rooms that have Dazzling Blue walls, floors, furniture, and accents.

All Dazzling Blue room.

Image courtesy of Modenus

Dazzling Blue-painted floors and a deeper shade on the walls give us the blues – in a good way.

Dazzling Blue paint treatments or wallpaper.

(left) Image courtesy of House to Home UK (right) Image courtesy of Photowall

If solid blue walls and floors are too much of a good thing, opt for this watercolor, washed paint treatment which helps soften the blue, while adding visual interest and movement. Keep other décor in a neutral vein to give the different degrees of blue the opportunity to dazzle.

Just for fun.

Make all the boys (and girls) come to your yard with Harmony Dwarf Irises. The unexpected pop of blue will definitely turn heads.

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