Design Daily: Patrick Naggar for Ralph Pucci


Committed to creatively nurturing the visions of his designers and artists, Ralph Pucci’s collections span the spectrum of furniture, sculpture, mannequins, graphic art, and lighting. His team of exceedingly talented innovators includes Patrick Naggar, a French artist, architect, and designer who has been represented by Pucci since 1995. Aside from being a product designer, Naggar has developed several architectural and design projects in Europe and the U.S. Private residences, apartments for art collectors, art galleries and restaurants are all in his repertoire.

Pucci believes that “furniture should be simple, timeless, and beautifully crafted” and while flipping through the new Patrick Naggar REMINISC(i)ENCE brochure from his latest collection, one can plainly see how true that notion really is. The collection includes bright ruby reds, stunning yet simple patterns, gorgeous gold detailing, and bronzing. Clean lines and simple silhouettes make up modern chairs, cabinets, and tables, and each creation is a statement all on its own. Many of these pieces were produced in very small quantities and some pieces are one of a kind. Visit here for pricing and details.

Patrick Naggar for Ralph Pucci

Left: Flight Desk Right: Icarus Pale Bronze Chair

Patrick Naggar for Ralph Pucci

Left: Turbulence Cabinet Right: Speed Desk

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