Pantone Fashion Color Series: Celosia Orange


Pantone Color Series: Looking for a way to update your abode for spring? Incorporate Pantone’s Spring 2014 picks to prep your home for warmer days ahead. We’ve already met Radiant Orchid, Dazzling Blue, and Placid Blue; so let’s take a closer look at the rest of the chosen shades. Whether you add just a touch here and there, or makeover your space entirely in these colors, these hues usher in spring dreams while chasing away winter doldrums. Up next: Celosia Orange.

Conjuring up images of pumpkin puree and fall leaves, candy corn and butternut squash, Celosia Orange seems to be an unlikely pick for a spring color. Yet, this shade of orange provides a much-needed fiery counterpoint to the watery coolness of Pantone’s Spring 2014 pair of blues.

Surprisingly versatile, optimistic Celosia Orange suits living rooms, playrooms, dens, and even bedrooms. After all, this is not the aggressive construction zone orange demanding to be the sole focus of your attention. Slightly muted and warm, this invigorating color can be sophisticated, when used as a focal point in an otherwise neutral room.

Below are the exact details needed for your spring fling with orange.

Hex #: f47d44

RGB: 244.125.68 


Pantone: 17-1360

Just Looking.

If you’re worried that this orange will be more sour than sweet in your dwelling, know that a few spritzes of the color here and there will easily brighten up your spaces, chasing away the last vestiges of winter. Celosia Orange holds its own very well in almost any setting, so “just a dab will do ya.” 

Entertain your friends with brightly colored glassware; or provide a focal point in an outdoor space with solid orange chairs. Graphic black-and-white accent pieces keep the orange clean and modern. 

Celosia Orange and black-and-white graphic details for an outdoor space.

Image courtesy of 55 Downing Street

Just Friends.

Incorporate just a touch more orange into your space by using patterns to break up the intensity of unyielding blocks of color. Patterns in a Celosia Orange provide a lively counterpoint to an otherwise neutral room, simultaneously supporting and defusing solid orange accents. 

Celosia Orange coffee table in a neutral room.

Image courtesy of CR Laine Furniture

As opposites on the color wheel, the orange and blue are a natural pairing. Pantone’s Spring 2014 colors Placid Blue, Dazzling Blue, and Celosia Orange complement each other beautifully. The eye-catching Dazzling Blue stands up to the vibrant Celosia Orange—and the Placid Blue easily serves as a neutral backdrop or accent, grounding both colors.

Orange and blue work in bedrooms and playrooms

(left) Designed by K Mathiesen Brown Design, Image courtesy of decorpad (right) Image courtesy of New England Home


Modern Asian themed blue and orange room

Image courtesy of Laura Moss Photography

Just Can’t Get Enough.

For those of you unfazed by the intensity of orange, and rather embrace the sunniness of the hue, Celosia Orange will fit any design scheme you might have in mind.

Clean lines and simple décor are a natural pairing for the bright punch of orange walls; rather than fighting for attention, the unfussiness of all other elements provide counterbalance to a color that could be overwhelming.

Versatile orange walls suit everything from contemporary to ethnic.

(left) Image courtesy of House and Home (right) By Urso Designs Inc.

However, there’s no reason to let color completely take center stage—this Moroccan-themed room illustrates a situation where more is more. Lush, inviting, and engaging, this space brimming with brights is the ideal salon for entertaining.

Just For Fun.

Think Celosia Orange looks familiar? You’re not wrong—Celosia Orange is the less famous sibling to the highly recognizable Hermès’ orange. If you have a few Hermès boxes laying around, use them as striking, decorative, and functional accents around the house. Hide clutter in plain sight with these fancy boxes—your guests will never be the wiser that you’re hiding grocery receipts, homeless buttons, and bits of ribbon in the iconic orange packaging.

Hermes boxes as decor.

(left) Image courtesy of Sara Story Designs (right) Image courtesy of FLOR via Furniture Fashion

Hermes boxes as storage.

By designer Steven Gambrel; Image courtesy of Elle Décor via Zuniga Interiors

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