10 Most Popular Pins of the Week


Following a fabulous week of new product launches and tricked-out pads, our design juices are flowing and ripe for the pinning. We rounded up our top pins that will help channel your inner decorator as we look forward to the weekend.

1. Weaved baskets and ceramic bowls in beautiful, minimalist style dot the open shelving in this beautiful home.

2. If this is the pristine view we’d have waking up everyday in the Oia Hotel in Santorini, Greece, then we’re booking a flight ASAP!

3. Jumbo geometric tiles in earthy shades of dusty rose, mocha, and forest green give this modern bathroom down-home feel.

4. Indoor plants, a white palette, and natural light makes this the perfect office sanctuary

5. What a swinging’ idea – keep this luxurious addition in your room for a quick cat nap or to curl up with a beloved book.

6. Marbled walls and sleek black fixtures make this bathroom a vision of clean, contemporary charm.

7. This gorgeous indoor garden leaves us absolutely speechless.

8. Lemon lavender shortbread cookies paired with a strong cup of coffee is the perfect morning treat.

9. A triangle-patterned wall mural gives a room a geometric spin and provides a cool focal point.

10. Calling all foodies, let’s get together and bake up a dozen (or two or three) of these puff pastry donuts

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