Paint With All the Watercolors Of New Instagram App


If you feel like an Insta-vention is in order every time you view a landscape with filtered-colored glasses, we can assure you that you are in good company. Fabulous new app companies keep rolling out additional designs to make your Instagrams even more unique, retro, or just plan “like”-inducing.

The latest must-have Instagram app is making quite a buzz around interior design circles. Produced by Perculator and Popsicolor appmaker Tinrocket, the new Waterlogue app allows non-artists to experience the wonderful watercolor art of classic artists like Cezanne and Signac, as well as the contemporary work of Jeremiah Goodman, who paints portraits of interior spaces.

“We were inspired by what creative people like artists and architects carry with them for visually documenting the world when on-the-go,” says Tinrocket founder John Balestrieri. “Things like Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks and these little homemade kits of watercolor pigments stowed inside repurposed Altoids tins. The spontaneous and personal nature of the images they create with these tools inspired Waterlogue.”

This app sets itself apart from other photo-turned-painting apps because it contains the technology to discern what details to leave in, and what to omit, just like a human artist would when painting a subject. With filters like Bold, Travelogue, Luminous, Rainy, and Illustration, you can easily preview and select the desired watercolor effect.

Search the hashtag “#waterlogue” in Instagram and you’ll see what users have been deeming watercolor-worthy: Weddings under a gondola, morning boat rides on the lake, tropical destinations, and – our fave – home interiors.

Here’s a few examples of how you can watercolor your own life:

Via Waterlogue/Instagram

Via Waterlogue/Instagram

Via Waterlogue/Instagram

Download the app here for just $2.99 a pop and get snapping!

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