2014 CH+D Award Winner: Thicket Collection


This project was the 2014 CH+D Award Winner for Product Design.

“I was looking to do a very minimal table that still had a dynamic form to it,” says San Francisco–based furniture and accessories designer Ted Boerner of the impetus behind Thicket, his collection of spare, glass-topped metal tables that have been drawing raves for their glamorous lines since debuting in September 2013. Boerner, who grew up in a log cabin in Wisconsin, credits Mother Nature for his designs. “When you look into a bramble or thicket, you can see through it, with branches overlaying branches,” he explains. “That was the feel I wanted.”

The distinctive design—which is available in a range of finishes, from matte and burnished metals to powder-coat white—is not a complete departure for Boerner (he notes that, coincidentally, the quilting on his line’s signature Cloudbox sofa has a very similar pattern). Boerner, who won a 2011 California Home+Design Award for “Shift,” his organically shaped pulls for Rocky Mountain Hardware, says he is constantly challenged to push the envelope while still working within his personal aesthetic. “I strive for originality, but at the same time I want to create something that stays true to my voice as a designer.”

This was originally published in the Spring ’14 issue of California Home+Design. Click here to subscribe.

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