The Agenda: Mini Maker Faire, Stylish Senior Living, and More


Learn about artist and designer Peddy Mergui’s vision on how ethics and design are intertwined when he reflects on his own personal experiences. How do designers balance their own morality while participating in the creation of a consumer-based culture? Mergui’s exhibit Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is on display now through June 15. Free to museum members, $10 non-members, $5 students. Click here to buy tickets.

Where: Museum of Craft and Design, 2569 Third Street @ 22nd, San Francisco

When: 7 – 9 p.m., Weds. May 7, 2014


Hob nob with the design community’s influencers and aficionados at the 6th Annual Legends of La Cienaga. Many of the events for Novel Interiors: Storytelling by Design are sold out, but (for now), you can still grab tickets to a select few. 

Where: La CIenaga Design Quarter, N. La Cienaga Blvd, Los Angeles

When: various times, Weds. May 7 through Fri. May 9 

Ray Kappe’s amazing and environmentally friendly Santa Monica home. Photo via Inhabit

See the first home in the United States to be awarded LEED Platinum certification on this week’s Santa Monica LivingHomes Tour. Designed by Ray Kappe, the home is created from 11 modules and was assembled in the same amount of time as your average work day. Additionally, it was the only residence in the nation to win the AIA’s top sustainable award in 2008. Get tickets here.

Where: 2914 Highland Avenue, Santa Monica

When: Fri. May 9, 1 – 2 p.m.


It may not be your every day home tour, but we’re curious about the $4 million dollar building that symbolizes a new era of senior living. Residents and staff will escort you to the indoor/outdoor cafe, computer lab, in-house television studio and more LEED-certified design, construction, and more. Intrigued? Hey, this is going to be you sooner than you think, so may as well get a leg up on the research. Click here for tickets.

Where: The Samarkand, 2550 Treasure Dr., Santa Barbara

When: 10 a.m. – noon, Thursday, May 8


Attention Central California makers! The SLO Mini Maker Faire sets up in Mission Plaza downtown this weekend. Open to all ages, get here if you like to create, learn, craft, build, play and be inspired by other similar-minded producers. 

Where: Mission Plaza, San Luis Obispo

When: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.


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