Design Daily: Periodic Table from One & Co and Council


If you’re seeking a singular table design, the Periodic is a shining example. We mean that literally, as its shimmering surface is real silver layered over the rugged grain and character of reclaimed Douglas fir logs. 

Its creators, San Francisco design firm One & Co (working with Council founder Derek Chen), allowed the silver to oxidize slightly before sealing it with a clearcoat to prevent it from tarnishing further. The result is especially stunning on the sides of the table, where the oxidation creates a bronze weeping effect originating in the fissures in the wood.

At 12 inches high and 44 inches square, the low-profile piece requires a fair amount of floor space—but if you can’t afford real estate, you definitely can’t afford the table, which will set you back a whopping $42,000 from San Francisco’s NWBLK. I’m happy to tell you that the cost of admiring it is far less. You can check it out in the NWBLK-designed kitchen salon at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase through May 26.

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